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Windows XP Setup

This is Part 1: Setting up your connection
(Part 2: Setup your email)

Click on Start, then Control Panel (in the right column). Under Pick a Control Panel Icon, click on Internet Options

In the Internet Option window, you can set your home page by typing in the web address of your choice in the "Address" space, and clicking the "Apply" button at the bottom of the window. Of course, we recommend using

Click on the "Connections" tab across the top, then click on the "Setup" button to start your Internet Connection Wizard

A New Connection Wizard window will pop up. Click the Next button.

Choose "Connect to the Internet", Click Next

Choose "Set up my connection manually", then Click Next

Choose "Connect using a dial-up modem" and click Next.

In some cases the next window will ask to specify a modem to use. If that appears to be the next step, allow whatever modem is displayed at that time and click Next again

Type in either "Internet Montana" or "IMT".

  Billings Bozeman Great Falls Helena Missoula
  Access    384-1000   582-1219   452-9514   443-0810   549-0819 
  Call Us!    255-9699   587-1073   454-1988   443-0876   728-3628 

Type in the access phone number for your calling area. No hyphens are necessary.

Type in your account username and password. Remember you username must be all in lower case lettering. Also, Windows XP requires that you type your password twice.

Uncheck the option to "Turn on Internet Connection Firewall for this connection". Dial-up connections are extremely low risk for attacks from outside Internet users. If firewall security is an issue for you, more effective firewall programs, such as Zone Alarm, can be found on the World Wide Web for free.

Click Next

Uncheck the option to "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop". Click Finish.

Now, to connect, click on the Start button, then Connect To (in the right column), then your Internet Montana icon. Once you're connected, open your Internet Explorer (or the web browser of your choice) to view web pages, and your Outlook Express to check email.

Instructions are also available in Part 2 for setting up your Outlook Express to receive your email.

If you have any problems getting connected please call us.
Billings (406) 255-9699 Bozeman (406) 587-1073 Great Falls (406) 454-1988 Helena (406) 443-0876 Missoula (406) 728-3628
or send Email to

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