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Windows 95 Setup

NOTE: You may need your Windows 95 CD or diskettes to complete this install.
Do you have or icon on your desktop?
. If you see the blue "e", you have the wrong instructions. Use Windows 98 setup instructions. If you see the globe icon labeled: The Internet, skip to Step 2:
If NO, I don't see that icon.
Put the Setup Disk in the A: drive. Click on Start then Settings and then Control Panel.
Double click on the Add/Remove Programs Icon. Click the Install button.
Install the program, using the command line: A:\msie20.exe
When prompted to install the Internet Explorer, check Yes. Choose C: as your directory.
You may need to restart your computer after the installation.

Step 2:
Double click on The Internet icon.
If you see the Get Connected window, click "Next". In the Setup Options window, select "Manual". Click "Next". Go to Step 4:
If you see the Welcome to Internet Setup, window, Go to Step 4:
If NO, I don't see either option. Go to Step 3:

Step 3:
Click the "Start" button on your task bar. Click "Programs", then "Accessories". Do you see the option: Internet Tools? If yes, click it, then select Internet Set Up Wizard or Get on the Internet. Go to Step 2:
If NO, Call Internet Montana Support

Step 4:

Click Next.
On the first "How to connect" window, select "Connect using my phone line". Click Next.
On the second "How to connect" window, select "I already have an account with a different service provider". Click Next. Go to Step 5:

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Step 5:
On the "Internet Mail" window, select "Yes". Click Next.
On the "Installing Files" window, Click Next.
You may be prompted for you Windows 95 diskettes or CD.
On the "Service Provider Information" window, enter "Internet Montana" as the name of your service provider. Click Next.
On the "Phone Number" window, enter the access telephone number for your area.

On the "User Name and Password" window,

Type your username in the box.
Your username MUST be in lowercase.
Do not add the
Type your password in the other box.
Click Next.

On the "IP Address" window, select "My Internet Service Provider automatically assigns me one.". Click Next.
On the "DNS Server Address" window, the DNS address is Do not enter any information in the "Alternate DNS Server" box. Click Next.
On the "Internet Mail" window, put a check in the "Use Internet Mail" box. Enter your email address in the form "" The Internet mail server is "" Click Next.
On the "Windows Messaging Profile" window, the default profile should be fine. Click Next.
Congratulations, you're all setup to connect to the Internet. Click Finish.

Step 6:
Now you are ready to connect to the Internet. Double click on icon.
On the "Connect to" window, you may need to enter your password. Click Connect.

If you have any problems getting connected please call us.
Billings (406) 255-9699 Bozeman (406) 587-1073 Great Falls (406) 454-1988 Helena (406) 443-0876 Missoula (406) 728-3628
or send Email to

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