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Premium Email Filter Protection

We at Internet Montana recognize that managing email has become a large task in desparate need of help. Junk email is on an exponential rise, and viruses are becoming more of an issue every day.

Internet Montana support has put together a package of resources that make it easy for you to manage your email and keep your Internet experience fun! We already perform standard junk and virus email filtering on all accounts, however, one filter rule size does not fit all. For those who wish to have more specific needs addressed, we have available a premium email filtering service available for only $1.50 a month!

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With the premium filter service, your email account is assigned a login to a web page where you can review a list of quarantined junk and virus emails. This way if a legitimate email gets caught by mistake, you can still order it delivered to your regular inbox.

From this Message Center, you can also adjust the severity of your junk rules for 5 different categories,

  • General Bulk emails,
  • Sexually Explicit emails,
  • Get Rich Quick emails,
  • Special Offers emails,
  • and Racially Insensitive emails.
In addition, an Approved Senders list and a Blocked Senders list are under your control to automatically allow or block specific email addresses for whole domains (all of instead of just, no matter if those emails may look like spam according to the other rules. Once you've had a couple of weeks to review your list and adjust your rules to fit your needs, you can let the filter run without having to check your quarantine list. Messages are deleted automatically after being stored for 14 days!

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