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IMT Email Policies

The Internet Montana mail server, both incoming and outgoing, is combined on the same machine. That means when an email is sent from one Internet Montana account to another Internet Montana account (say from to, it may be compared to moving a document on your computer from one directory to another, and hence, is more secure. Meaning, it cannot be read by anyone scanning Internet traffic, unless they are watching your specific connection at the exact time that you happen to be dialed up to recieve your email messages.

All email accounts are allotted 10 megabytes of space. In general, this will hold thousands of average sized email messages, however, 10 megs can be filled quickly with just one or a few picture files or other large attachments. Please contact our technical support if you require any special exceptions assigned to your account.

Internet Montana has a virus filter in place outside of our mail server. This is to prevent any traffic jams or excessive loads on our already busy mail server. What it means is that all email being sent from someone outside of Internet Montana to an address will be filtered for virus infected email. While this cuts down on virus traffic considerably, unfortunately, this is not complete virus protection. It is possible for one Internet Montana customer to send a virus to another Internet Montana customer (as described at first here). Also, email is not the only way that a virus may be caught. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you maintain your own personal virus protection for your computer.

Junk Email Policies
Internet Montana has provided multiple solutions to junk email management and will continue to research new technologies and techniques as they are developed in the fight against excessive junk email.

At present, we follow all recommendations for server configuration as outlined by RFC 2505 (Anti-Spam Recommendations for SMTP MTA's). The full list excerpt from the RFC article may be reviewed at your convenience but they may be summarized into these three steps: maintenance of a blocked sender's list, mail server secured against all outside mail relay, and subscription to a Real Time Black Hole list.

No set of junk email rules can be 100% effective. Some Internet service providers offer more stringent standards for allowing email through to their customers, however, it has been well documented that most of these measures may block honest Internet users as much as they block spammers. For that reason Internet Montana also offers premium email filtering service available for only $1.50 a month. These optional filters quarantine junk and virus-infected emails before they reach your email Inbox, and can be configured to your comfort level. Moreover, because these emails are quarantined off-site, you can review the list of withheld emails at your convenience in order to make appropriate adjustments to your filtering rules to fit your specific needs.

Internet Montana serves many thousands of customers with access to the Internet, each with varying expectations and uses for such access, and as such, it is not our place to restrict otherwise legitimate email exchange. (See our Acceptable Use Policy, #7 defining unacceptable conduct)

As a courtesy, our technical support can show you additional actions you may take to manage your email against spam. Alternatives to the premium filtering service include changing your username and using an email filter system. We appreciate that changing your username may cause some inconvenience by having to notify your contacts of your new address, however, in addition to the premium email filters, we also offer instructions on a free alternative to configure the filter option on your email software.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Email Central
Spotting Hoaxes | Computer Viruses | Email Etiquette
Junk Email | Filtering | Reporting Spam | IMT Email Policies


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