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What is a Domain?

Your virtual, or actual, web site address will be, but lets say you want your own name for your website, something like The "" address is what is known as a domain. It is, in essence nothing more than a road sign that says "OH, you're really looking for website. Here, let me take your there"

What happens when a person surfing the Internet sends a request to view a domain address? Most servers store domain 'directions' on their own system. When a match is made, it is known as "authoritative". If the user's server does not have an authoritative answer, that request is sent to another server on the Internet until an authoritative match can be made. That user's browser is sent to the virtual location of the requested web site, and all that in the space of a few moments.

Registering Your Domain

Domains are acquired through a registering company, such as Network Solutions. This registration form will request primary and secondary net addresses for the service that is hosting your domain. Here is the information needed from us to complete the domain registration.

Primary Server Hostname....: CU.COMP-UNLTD.COM
Primary Server Netaddress..:
Secondary Server Hostname..: NS1-AUTH.SPRINTLINK.NET
Secondary Server Netaddress:

The technical, administrative, and billing contacts should all be individuals within your organization. Do not list Internet Montana's technical support or system administrator as contacts.

Setting Up a Host for Your Domain

Once you have registered your domain, you will receive a confirmation from the registering agent. This confirmation must be forwarded to Please include:

  1. The Internet Montana account the domain is to be pointed to.
  2. The Internet Montana account the domain is to be billed to.
  3. The password for the account the domain is to be billed to.
  4. The date we should begin hosting the domain

Domain hosting is $10 per month for web and email, or $5 per month for just email alias hosting (ftp space is unused). You must have an account with Internet Montana to qualify for domain name hosting. We do not currently provide hosting for non-account holders. If you do not have an account and would like to sign up for one, you may use our On-Line Sign Up Form, or call support at one of the numbers below.

  Billings Bozeman Great Falls Helena Missoula
  Access    384-1000   582-1219   452-9514   443-0810   549-0819 
  Call Us!    255-9699   587-1073   454-1988   443-0876   728-3628 

Email Aliases

Your domain fee also includes unlimited email aliases. An email alias works with your actual email address in the same way that your domain works with your virtual web address.

So let's say that the domain Internet Montana is hosting for you is An email alias for this domain would be Some examples would be,, or You can request any of these types of email addresses. What Internet Montana does then, is deliver any email sent to one of these addresses to your actual Internet Montana email address ( Hence, would be an alias for your virtual email address

Many email programs have filtering capabilities that technical support can help you set up so that even though you are receiving email on one account (, your email program can send emails with specific addresses in the TO field (, and to separate folders, and better organize your communications. Check out our instructions for setting up email filters or contact our technical support


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