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Switching your service.

To reduce the wait time for our customers with questions about transitioning to a new Internet Service Provider (I.S.P.) and email provider you have created these step-by-step guides for your convenience.

Please be aware that we are experiencing higher call volumes than expected. Please leave us a voicemail or email us with your new email account for forwarding, DSL cancellation date, and/or your Internet Montana cancellation date and we will take care of everything for you on our side.

We are able to respond to emails quicker. If you have a quick questions or comments, please email us first, as you may reach us sooner

For technical supprot questions, email
For billing questions, email

Billings:  255-9699 
Bozeman:  587-1073 
Great Falls:  454-1988 
Helena:  443-0876 
Missoula:  728-3628 

Switch your DSL Internet Service Provider to CenturyLink
  • Call CenturyLink at 1.800.244.1111
    • Ask the CenturyLink Agent to switch your “Internet Service Provider” or I.S.P to CenturyLink
    • Once the Agent gets your DSL connection situated with them, they will provide you with an activation date/due date and a confirmation number. Write both of these numbers down for your reference and ours.
  • Call or email Internet Montana support and leave us a message with your Internet Montana email address and the Activation/Due date of your new CenturyLink DSL connection.
    • This step will insure that we STOP billing you for your current DSL connection. Failure to do so may result in another DSL charge to your Internet Montana account.
  • At 5pm on the day of your activation date, use a paper clip or safety pin to hold in the reset button on the back of you DSL modem.
  • Call CenturyLink at 1.800.247.7285 to have them reprogram your modem.
    • CenturyLink will work with you to access your DSL modem to enter CenturyLink’s DSL settings for you to access the internet.

Note: On your CenturyLink Activation date, we no longer have control over your internet connectivity. If you are unable to connect to the internet, please call CenturyLink for support help at: 1.800.247.7285

Switch your email to Gmail.

As an internet user you have access to many different types of email programs and companies, so email choices are based on personal needs and preferences. Below are instructions on how to set up a Gmail account. Most web-based email providers are set up in a similar manner. Gmail is the most widely used free access email service currently available.

  • From your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc), go to
  • Click "Create an Account" in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Fill out the information that Google requires, writing down any important information such as email address and password.
  • Gmail will then guide you through the process of accessing your new email account. Google offers you a tour of your email to familiarize yourself with this new account. At any time, you may access help from Google by finding the Gear icon in the upper right hand corner.
  • Once you have set up that Gmail account, call or email Internet Montana support and leave us a message your current Internet Montana email account and your new Gmail account and we will set up a forward so that you will receive your IMT email in your new Gmail account.
  • Once you have completed all steps above, please call or email Internet Montana support and leave us a message to schedule your cancellation date. You may leave us a voicemail or email with your current email account and the date you would like your account cancelled and we will take care of getting a cancellation placed for you.

If you would like to receive your Gmail email in Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail or other email programs, please refer to Google's guide here:


Material last updated November 2013

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