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General Questions

  1. How do I contact a real person at Internet Montana?
  2. Any good book recommendations for complete beginners?
  3. Where else can I go for more information?

About Your Connection

  1. How long does it take to setup?
  2. What software do I need to conenct?
  3. What type of modems does Internet Montana use?
  4. How do I change my password?
  5. What is the inactivity (idle) time-out, and who does it effect?
  6. What modem should I buy?
  7. When I get connected, nothing happens. What now?
  8. When I try to connect, I keep getting error 691, or 650.
  9. Why are my connection speeds slower than 56K?
  10. My modem has to dial more than once to connect. Shouldn't it work the first time?
  11. Why does my Internet keep disconnecting?
  12. Do you have v.92 connection capability?

About Accelerated Dial-up

  1. How does Webcelerate's solution compare to DSL or cable modem?
  2. How does Webcelerate come up with the up to 5X claim?
  3. What types of Web content does Webcelerate accelerate?
  4. Are ad blockers, popup stoppers, personal firewalls and other utilities compatible with Webcelerate Accelerator?
  5. How do I see the original quality graphic on a Web page?
  6. How do I enable or disable Webcelerate Accelerator?
  7. How do I uninstall Webcelerate Accelerator?

About Your Email

  1. What is the mail server?
  2. What is POP and SMTP?
  3. What can I use to read mail?
  4. Is there a limit the size of an email that I can send? How about a limit on what I can recieve?
  5. How do I request changes to my mail setup?
  6. When do changes take effect?
  7. What is my POP mailbox address?
  8. What settings should I use if I have my own domain name?
  9. Can I get all the mail for my domain to go to my mailbox?
  10. Will you forward my mail to another account?
  11. What should I do if someone mails me a giant file I can't download?
  12. How long is my mail held?
  13. Can I get additional mailboxes?
  14. My connection keeps hanging up whenever I check my email. How do I stop that?
  15. I can connect to the Internet, but my email keeps asking me for my password.

About Browsing Web Pages

  1. What is a "browser"?
  2. Why does it say "page cannot be found"?
  3. How do I get rid of my old provider's web page?
  4. Why do I keep getting script errors?
  5. How do I protect my children from exposure to inappropriate material on the Web?

About Web Hosting

  1. Why can't I connect to my FTP site?
  2. What will my web page address be?
  3. What are the Internet Montana nameservers?
  4. What do nameservers do?
  5. How do I make nameservice changes?
  6. When do changes take effect?
  7. What charges are there for registering a domain?
  8. How long does domain registration take?
  9. What happens when my domain name comes through?

About Your Account Billing

  1. How can I see how many hours I've used this month?
  2. Why did my billing rate change from last month?
  3. When are my two free months?
  4. I cancelled my account last month, why was I billed again?

...and please feel welcome to email or call our customer support with any questions!


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