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Slipstream/NowImaging Accelerator Setup

How it works | Slipstream for Windows | | Slipstream for Macintosh

A quick note about pricing

For Slipstream plus NOWImaging, at 14 times acceleration, the price is $2.50 each month.

The Slipstream accelerator utility is available for Windows 98 and higher, and Macintosh 10.4 and higher.
Acceleration works on dialup, DSL, and wireless connections.

Download & Install

Download the accelerator utility here:
Slipstream for Windows

When you click to download the accelerator utility, Windows will pop up a screen asking if you would like to "save" or "open" the file. Click the "save" button, and save the file to your desktop. You must be connected to the Internet while downloading the file.

Once the file is finished downloading and saved to your desktop, you can disconnect from the Internet.

It is important to remember, you should turn off your Anti-Virus program (Norton, McAfee, PC-Cillin, etc)when installing any new software onto your computer. Anti virus programs make changes to your registry that may compromise installation of new software that will ultimately cause overall performance problems in your Windows system. Since your anti-virus should not be running during new software installations, always check to be sure the source of the new software is reliable and safe (this one is safe).

Find the new icon on your desktop called "turbo_setup.exe". Double click on the icon to begin installing the new Slipstream accelerator program.

Login & adjust settings

Be sure you enter your entire email address and your regular IMT password for the Slipstream Login window. If you login does not work, call technical support and we will re-set it for you.

To adjust your settings, click on the slipstream sphere icon by your timeclock and click on "Settings". Click OK when you are done.

... Slipstream accelerator will run in the 'background' all of the time, much like your anti-virus program. When you connect to the Internet and begin to browse web pages, it will automatically work to speed up your connection without further prompting or configuration.

If you have any problems getting connected please call us.
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