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Our web server is Unix based, utilitarian and efficient. 20 megabytes of space is available to you for whatever your heart desires to fit in it. This is provided at no additional charge on regular dialup and DSL accounts. Please note, however, that dialup accounts that use FTP space are not eligible for the discount on the 15 to 180 hour rate.

Do you have a personal domain ( to go with your web pages? Check out our information on domain hosting.

For details on how to activate this space for your personal web pages, visit our support pages. These include details you will need to know about writing your pages, using scripts for online forms, posting your web pages (FTP), and using a domain name.

Disclaimer: Internet Montana does not design web pages, we just sell the access. Three recommended online resources for writing and designing web pages are:

Web Source
Yale C/AIN Web Style Guide
Web Pages that Suck, learn good design by looking at bad design

Or, visit our user sites page for professional help.

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