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All About Email

Email is an incredibly useful tool. It comes as no surprise, then, that it is the most popular activity on the Internet. With email, you can send a message almost instantaneously, no matter where they are on the planet. So naturally, we include a personal email address with every basic dial-up access account.

Extra Email Accounts
Everyone in the family can use the same dial-up access account to browse the World Wide Web, but not everyone may want to share the same email address. For that reason, we offer additional email addresses for only $1.00 extra a month. Most email programs can be set up to send everyone's personal email to separate folders. Feel free to ask our technical support for help!

Worried about SPAM?
We do not give out or sell our users' information under any circumstance, but email marketers still have other ways of finding new addresses to add to their lists. We have compiled several solutions to keeping your email under control. In addition, Internet Montana is proud to announce that as of August 2002, we have complete spam and virus infected email protection available for only $1.50 a month!

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