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Dial-up Internet Access

With your basic Internet access account, we will supply not only access to the World Wide Web, but also access to the Usenet (sometimes referred to as newsgroups or bulletin boards), an email account with which to utilize Internet correspondence, and 20 megabytes of space for your own personal web page.

At Internet Montana, we have what you may call a ‘minimalist’ code of conduct. We don’t add software to your computer; we help you use the software of your choice to utilize your Internet connection. In that way, we avoid the possibility of additional software conflicting with your existing personal software. In most cases, setting up your computer to use your new account takes just 10 to 15 minutes and can be done right over the phone.

We maintain our equipment closely in order to provide you with quality dial-up service. You should always be able to connect on your first try, and you should be able to stay connected as long as you are using your Internet connection. Because we bill according to how many hours you use, however, we don't want to have your connection time wasted. Therefore, our server is set to automatically drop a connection that has been idle for 30 minutes. Our customer and technical support is offered free to help assure you get the highest quality connection service you expect.

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