McCormick Hotel
(406) 245-4220

Second Floor

The Terms and Conditions are as follows:

  • $100 deposit
  • Three months rent paid in advance
  • Internet Service prepaid for each month
  • Resale of Internet Access is prohibited
  • No electrical heaters, stoves, or large electrical devices
  • This is a No Smoking building
  • Termination requires a 30 day notice
  • The Second Floor of the McCormick Hotel contains 22 rooms from 30 ft² to 160 ft². Each room contains

  • Air Conditioning
  • Hookups for Two Telephone Lines
  • 56K or Ethernet Internet Link to a dual T1 Line
  • Gas & Electricity for Normal Usage
  • Sink (Hot and Cold Water)
  • Outside Patio in summer
  • Interior Pictures

    The monthly rent for each room is the sum of 1) the classification of the room as to location and size and 2) the type of Internet Service.

    The following are the monthly rates for the classification of location and size.

  • Class A - $100
  • Class B - $ 75
  • Class C - $ 50

    The following are the monthly adders for an extended Internet Connection. No continuous high bandwidth operations allowed (eg. FTP).

  • 56KB (24 hours) - $50
  • Ethernet T1 (Low Volume Servers) - $100
  • Ethernet T1 (High Volume Servers) - Contract

    Other Services are as follows:

  • Local voice telephone service from Qwest or Avista
  • Technical support (Time and Materials)

    Email T&E Realty for Information