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From 'jubilee'
Great tech support!
From synapseshots:
You know... Normally I never contact you guys unless there is a problem with my service, but in the interest of feeding a recently adopted proclivity for looking at the good side of things... THANK-YOU! for great trouble-free internet service.

And, also for the great technical assistance when (on rare occasion) there is an issue to be addressed.

From 'waltr'
No more junk email!

From 'hartseven':
Just so you know I am coming back after 2 years of free are better!!!!!

From 'kaylie'
Great customer service that is appreciated. When ppl ask me who I use, I will tell them I use Internet Montana because of the support and top notch customer service.

From 'elliott'
I've been using your spam filter from the start and it's great! I get rid of hundreds of unwanted stuff with the touch of a button. A quick scan shows nearly 100 percent discernment of junk versus real mail. Thanks so much.

From 'ddkp'
Thank you for getting back to me, this is what makes Internet Montana so good, a personal touch.
Great tech support!
From 'cgreco':
Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for the help this afternoon. The connection is humming along better than ever. Great support is why I stay with IMT. You're the best!
From 'bobhath'
your support staff is excellent, responsive and can walk on water by my estimate. 
also your virus, junk mail screen program is fantastic 
keep up the excellent work

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