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Internet Montana was born on a blustery December 1994 day over lunch. With a lot of long hours and hard work we managed to go live on March 6, 1995. Within a year we added Bozeman and Great Falls. In November of 2001, we added local dial-up service to Helena, and Missoula in January of 2004.

Internet Montana is a company with a straightforward and simple business plan which is that we are a basic provider of Internet access. We focus on three elements to distinguish ourselves:

  • Quality low cost Internet access
  • Unmatched customer care
  • A deep sense of community, both internally and with our users

Our dial up pricing structure is different from other Internet service providers in that we only bill for the hours that were actually used. In that way, we are able to offer rates that are lower than any other ISP in the state. We pride ourselves on the quality of both our Internet Access Service and our highly trained staff of customer service representatives. We monitor our equipment very closely in order to supply reliable quality dial-up connections. Our uptime is well over 99% and our Internet bandwidth is designed to meet the needs of our entire customer base, even as it grows.

We encourage our user base to sell and provide WWW Home Page design services to our entire base of users. We never compete with our users who desire to start a business that requires the Internet as the final display environment. We only supply the platform for these services in the form of WWW server facilities and disk space for Home Pages.

In an ongoing effort to compliment our customers' Internet experience, we are continuously researching and adding new services over the years, including spam and virus email filtering in 2002, accelerated dial up and DSL in 2004, and roaming national dial up access in 2004. Still, crafting and maintaining a good quality Internet connection, whether dialup or DSL will remain our first passion.

In July of 2005, we relocated to our own retail space, just one block from our parent company, Computers Unlimited, still on Montana Avenue in Billings' historical downtown district. Within 4 months, we began offering weekly computer classes, quality computer diagnotics and repairs, online auction consignment, computer accessory sales (toys!), and Venture Theatre ticket sales.

Our staff of computer engineers is second to none in our area and is supported by the technical expertise of the entire staff of Computers Unlimited. We aren't satisfied to just supply technical support or customer service. We mean to have our users know that we care about their experience with the Internet, and with our company. We at Internet Montana know that our users are our neighbors, and respect all accordingly.


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